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Is Small Talk a Good Thing?

An American, who lived and studied in Pyatigorsk for two years, noticed that small talk and smiles are considered somewhat disingenuous in Russia – and it appears it’s rubbed off   on him. “Being polite is one thing, but disingenuous and insincere is another,” he wrote in the comments under a Russia Beyond article. Read More.

What Happened When I Followed Ben Franklin’s Schedule For a Month

Benjamin Franklin was a productivity master. In his autobiography, he shared his daily routine, and its simplicity and rigor intrigued me. As someone who is obsessed with productivity, I’m always looking for the latest book, idea, or tool that can help me accomplish more in less time. Sometimes, though, new isn’t necessarily better. Recently I found a […]

How Much Junk Am I Consuming Online Every Day?

Recently an essay on Medium suggested an annoying but kind of amazing concept: “digital nutrition.” Along with the generally agreed-upon five pillars of human health — sleep, diet, work, interpersonal relationships, and exercise — a new field has emerged, the authors argue: our digital diet. The things we consume online. And since we’re “feeding” our […]